Posted by: eeb | May 14, 2010


I’m in Peru! We arrived in Lima around 4:30 after a smooth flight. Travels have been pretty easy so far, especially because Beth, my roommate, teammate and travel buddy, and I met up with a few other people from our group.

I slept most of the flight from Miami to Lima and arrived in a daze. After going through customs I realized that no, I do not remember a lot of the Spanish I took last year–although 4 in the morning is probably not the best time to try to conjugate verbs 🙂 But I’m here, my passport is stamped, and now we are waiting for our 8:45 am flight to Cusco. I’m going to try to get a little more sleep, but I will write when I get to Cusco (if I can survive the altitude…)!



  1. Emma! Love the title of the blog and glad that you’re hosting your own. I look forward to hearing about your and Beth’s adventures! All the best- Dr. L.

  2. Emma! I’m glad you’re there safely. You better start to remember the spanish we learned from Rojas! Have fun and keep updating this so I can pretend I’m in Peru:)

    ps. I decided I’m too lazy to write a blog while I’m here but I’ll take lots of pictures and if I change my mind I’ll let you know

    • Erin! I hope you are loving London so far!
      I should have reviewed the notes from Rojas before coming. At least I can remember my numbers so I will be able to bargain for alpaca sweaters 🙂

  3. Emma! so excited for you. perhaps I should set one of these things up for when I go to France… enjoy it!!! i am happy to live vicariously through you through this blog

  4. Yeah!!! I found your blog!!! So glad that you arrived safely. Hopefully you have caught up on some sleep and can enjoy wandering around Cusco. Take lots of pictures…..we need a long slide show when you get back.

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